Please Proofread

I honestly don’t understand how grown adults can confuse “your” and “you’re”. It astonishes me. We’re talking about the most elementary of grammar rules. This is first grade material here.

Clearly I do not hesitate in making fun of people that mess that one up. I can be downright nasty. I don’t hold back. I’m cruel and I apologize.

Wait a minute… No I don’t. I do not apologize. You people need to get it together. This is something you learned in elementary school. Probably around the same time you learned that the capital of our nation is Washington, D.C. I’m guessing you remember what our capital is. So how did you forget the difference between “your” and “you’re”?

After all that ranting, I’ve given it more thought. Maybe that isn’t the case. Maybe you do know the difference. The real issue, then, is that you don’t proofread. For those of you that are really struggling right now, click here for the definition of “proofread”. But seriously, how hard is it to just look over the sentence you wrote a couple of times before moving on? Is your facebook post that urgent that it can’t wait 10 more seconds before you post it? Unless you’re warning someone that they’re on fire, it’s inexcusable.

If I see that I have a facebook notification and it says, “Yo, dude, your on fire”, I probably won’t be mad. I’ll be like, “Man, I have great friends who care about me.” And then I’ll douse the flames and take my bro out for a pizza.

But if I get another notification and it says, “Hey man, there’s a new movie out with Ryan Reynolds in it. Your going to love it.”, no, I will not love it because first of all Ryan Reynolds is a terrible actor and also because you can’t use the correct “you’re”. And then I’ll unfriend you because not only do you apparently like Ryan Reynolds, you also can’t proofread (I’m sure Ryan is a nice guy, but his movies are horrendous).

For those of you that don’t make this mistake, I bet I have all of you nodding your heads in agreement and yelling out “Amen!” once in awhile. Don’t deny it, I know you’re doing it. I’m yelling out random Southern Baptist words of agreement myself and it’s my own post.

The morale of the story is to just proofread. That’s all I ask. Everyone makes mistakes, I get that. Heck, I’ve made mistakes before too (no, I haven’t). But if you all just start looking over your amazing works of literature once or twice before submitting it to the world to read, I might just be able to scroll through my facebook news feed without banging my head against the wall for once.

Oh, and do me a favor and work on “there”, “they’re”, and “their” as well. Thanks.

One thought on “Please Proofread

  1. 1) I thought that ad at the bottom was a part of your post. I was really confused as to how Oral-B toothbrushes tied into everything haha. 2) You do TOO make mistakes and I’ve caught you!!!! 3) I wish I would’ve known submitting comments like this was an option or I wouldn’t have (oooh there’s another good one- people saying wouldn’t of) made an entire wordpress account!

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